Professional service from and for the professional

For the ski and board service, SESSAASFEE and Roman Sessa only use WINTERSTEIGER First Class top machines. Roman Sessa has many years of experience in service with these excellent fully automatic devices. Thanks to their absolute flexibility in configuration, they are able to be calibrated extremely precisely in several machining processes. Trust and guarantee are the hallmarks.

SCOUT+ 2 Module

Automatic service station for skis.

With the development of the Scout +, WINTERSTEIGER has finally decoupled size and performance. Due to the compact machine design, there is also enough space for ski service based on the latest technology in workshops such as SESSAASFEE.

Roman Sessa manages almost twice the throughput on the Scout + compared to two manual machines with one operator. In other words: With the acquisition of Scout +, SESSAASFEE has entered the top league of ski services.


Base repair machine for skis and snowboards.

The Baseman was developed with an ergonomic lightweight design for ease of work! It also brings many more benefits. The repair location is easier to see thanks to integrated LED lighting. The high-performance heating unit with electronic temperature control means that the machine is quickly ready for action.

mproved melting technology guarantees a high-quality and wear-resistant bond between the base and the repair material. The optimized melting head and material feed ensure uniform and thin material application. Perfect distribution of material shortens the melting time and reduces the time spent for subsequent work steps such as base grinding.


The flexible belt grinding machine for skis and snowboards.

The Omega Bs biggest benefit is its universal field of applications. This not only makes this top class belt grinding machine a solid stand-alone solution, but also the ideal supplement to any existing machines.

Running the Omega B for pre-grinding, tuning, deburring, or polishing, the 350 mm belts can be replaced by Roman Sessa easily with just a few actions, guaranteeing first-class processing of skis and snowboards.


Hot wax machine for skis and snowboards.

The short heat-up time means the Waxjet is quickly ready for use. WINTERSTEIGER's roller technology promotes more wax absorption through the base and simultaneously guarantees minimum consumption of material. Additional time, consumed when removing the wax, is no longer necessary. The use of polishing or nylon brushes saves Roman Sessa extensive manual finishing work. A practical universal stand for storing small parts and consumables is available on stock.

As an alternative to the scotchbrite wheels, SESSAASFEE also offers an iron service.


Ski binding adjustment and testing device.

Faster adjustment speeds means shorter wait times the Safetronic from WINTERSTEIGER simply makes you faster! The Safetronic impresses with its benefits: A tablet display with touch screen function ensures a great overview of the data, making input much easier and faster. The optional data interface to add the EasyRent software system additionally boosts your data management and overall efficiency. Digital documentation of the measurement data ensures legal compliance and provides paperless data storage for your rental business.

Binding adjustment is a valuable additional offer from SESSAASFE, which will surely satisfy customers. Keyword security: The binding attitude at Roman Sessa's specialty shop creates trust.